Colorful Tibet Tour

The first impression of something or someone always depends on what you have seen. Meanwhile, Tibet precisely offers people an extraordinary beauty experience, as a holy land. For those who had a colorful Tibet tour before, they would have an idea that Tibet is a place created by God with the most stunning and purest colors in the world. Due to the combination of the colorful natural scenery, Tibet becomes  a unique masterpiece on the earth.

  1. Clear Blue

When traveling to Tibet, you will be amazed at the boundless blue sky, and become tranquil and open. Looking around, the blue sky and the lakes add radiance and beauty to each other. Lake Manasarovar, known as a holy lake, is like a blue crystal scattered on the earth. It is also like a mirror reflecting everything in the world, with its holy color. While, the Lake Rakshastal is a salt water lake which is not far from Lake Manasarovar, and known as the “ghost lake” in people’s mind. When you come close to it, you will find that nothing grows around this lake, and seems dangerous. The dark blue of Lake Rakshastal makes it not so gentle, but breathtaking, eccentric and blurred.

  1. Pure White

When traveling to this Plateau, you will view numerous snow-capped mountains which is the breathtaking scenery of Tibet. The majestic mountains are covered with snow, seeming like a piece of rolling white ribbon or a dragon with white scales. Tibet in winter is wrapped by white snow, especially Nyingchi which has the stunning snowy and icy scenery.

  1. Sacred Red

The magnificent Potala Palace is built by mountains, and divided into white and red ones for the color of their walls. The red palace is located in the center of Potala Palace with historic and elaborate temples and palaces. The red of Potala Palace is not flamboyant, but showing the profound history and solemn holiness. Moreover, the red robes on Dalai Lama is also sacred.

  1. Holy Gold

Under the sun, the golden roof of the Potala Palace shines brightly and sacredly. when traveling to Lhasa, known as the “city of the sun”, you will have a chance to enjoy the view that the warm and bright golden sunshine is falling on the ancient architecture and the faces of people. Everything in this holy city is covered with golden halo.

  1. Lively Green

The massive grasslands of northern Tibet are beautiful and rich, as well as full of yaks and sheep. In every August (June of the Tibetan calender), the Horse Racing Festival will be held and attract a great deal of travelers. What’s more, the Lulang Forest in Nyingchi is a typical plateau meadow with stunning alpine scenery, and shows the lively color.

  1. Five-colored Prayer Flags

There is another distinctive sign in Tibet, that is the five-colored prayer flags having blue, white, red, green and yellow colors. The long string of colorful flags is floating in the air, and carrying the best wishes and pious blessings of every one. Each color represents a kind of scene or an ancient ballad, telling the beautiful stories of this holy land.

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